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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit the school?

Yes. By scheduled appointment only.

Which age do you accept students?

We accept student's between the ages of 2 to 6 years old.

How much is tuition and what are your hours?

Please contact us for our updated rates and choice of 3 schedules.

Where can I find your schedule?

We are a year-round school. Holiday schedules are posted one year in advance on our school website.

Do you provide snacks?

Yes! we provide fresh daily snacks for children. The school carries fresh fruit, vegetables, yogurt, cheese and crackers, etc on a daily basis for all children. You are free to pack your child any snacks they prefer.

Do you provide beverages?

All children are required to bring their own child safe water bottles. Bottles will be filled with fresh water regularly throughout the day. Milk is optional and served during snack time.

Are students required to be potty trained?

Student's are not required to be potty trained. Student's who are not ready for potty training are instructed to provide the school with a pack of pull-ups. Students will be routinely changed throughout the day. We will start potty training when you and your child are comfortable and ready. Each child trains at their own pace, we will work with your child at their comfort.

What is your registration process?

Please contact us to schedule a tour and we will provide you with an application packlet. Once you decide if our school is the right fit for your child, you may submit a one-time registration fee of $100 with your child's application and we will reserve your childs spot with us. We are a year-round school and invite families to contact us and start their child at their desired time, depending on availability.

Do you have a waitlist?

We currently do not have a waitlist. 

Are students required to wear masks?

No. Masks are now optional for children.

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